Hot Sale Shapes of Trailer 4.25 Push Through Center Caps on the Market

Hi, I am your friend, Rheedal, a professional center cap enterprise specializing in providing push through center caps and custom center caps wholesale services for merchants. Welcome to Rheedal Blog. The purpose of our blog is to provide merchants with all kinds of information about the wheel center caps on the market and related services.

In this blog, I’ve compiled some of the hottest 4.25 push through center caps in different shapes on the market.

  1. The first one is the Opened-End 4.25 push through center caps. Our previous blog has a detailed introduction to this shape, and you can refer to it. The shape of this push through center cap is relatively simple, just a barrel shape. The advantage of this model is that because of its simple design, the price will be much cheaper than other shapes of push through center caps. It is also the preferred shape product for most merchants and customers.
Wheel Center Caps for Trailer Truck SUV RV
Open-End 4.25 Inch Push Through Center Caps Matte Black

2. The second one is the same as the first one, while the type is the Closed-End push through center cap.

Push Through Center Caps 4.25 Inch for Trailer Truck SUV RV
Push Through Center Caps 4.25″ Carbon Steel

3. The third 4.25 push through center caps have some appearance changes on the common push through center cap. You can see that in addition to the label of the barrel and the lower body is unchanged, its middle and upper parts are striated, making it look more textured and visual.

4. The fourth push through center capscap is mainly changed in the upper part so that the prominent part is higher than the labeled part. At the same time, its top shape is small – large – small concave regular shape.

5. The change of the fifth 4.25 push through center cap is in the upper half. It has increased 5 concave parts, so that customers can be more convenient to hold when installing.

6. Sixth: This one is prominent at the top, making it much higher than the label part. A regular concave design is also made in the upper part, and a screw is added below the concave surface, which is very different from other types of push through center caps. Of course, this design will often be more complex than other push through center caps, and the cost will be higher.

7. The seventh 4.25 push through center caps: compared with the ordinary barrel-shaped push through center caps, this one has a regular concave treatment, but there is a small prominent dot on the concave. This design is close to the common shape of the push through center caps.

The above several shapes of push through center caps are hot sale trailer wheel center caps on the market. Their price often depends on the material, color, and mold costs.

Of course, if you want to wholesale or customize the above or similar trailer wheel center caps, you can also contact Rheedal. You just need to make an inquiry and provide us with the sample or design, we will produce the wheel center caps you want according to your sample or design, not limited to center caps of various colors, sizes, and materials.

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