How Quality Control Works at Rheedal?

The wheel center cap is an important part of the vehicle wheel. It not only plays the role of protection and beautification but also directly affects the overall performance and safety of the vehicle. Therefore, the quality inspection (QC) process of wheel center caps is crucial. In the next section, we will show how we carry out our quality inspection work!

  1. Material testing
    Raw material inspection is the first step in the quality control process to ensure that all materials used meet the required standards.
  1. Dimensional measurements
    Dimensional accuracy is critical for wheel center caps as it directly affects the fit of the wheel.
  1. Appearance inspection
    Appearance quality directly affects the user’s first impression and experience, so we will check the appearance of the product one by one. Make sure there are no scratches, bubbles, color differences and other defects.

It’s worth noting that you can click on any of the images to jump to another page. That’s the video we took during our quality control!

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