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Wheel center caps are an essential option for many car owners who love modifications. Not only can it effectively prevent wear and tear caused by road pollution, but it also has a decorative effect on the rims.

However, finding the right wheel center cap is not a simple task. That’s why we have created a group dedicated to communicating and finding wheel center caps. And from time to time, we will post products and events in the group.

How to find our group?

  1. You can join our group directly by clicking this link:
  2. Contact us and let us invite you to join the group!
    Our facebook : Rheedal

It’s worth noting that we’re doing an event right now! An event that has something to do with Facebook groups!

This campaign will be in effect for a long time! We are holding this event for the purpose of:

  1. New groups! There aren’t too many members to share and discuss wheel center caps together! We need new members to join and we also want to hear from more people about our suggestions.
  2. It’s also a status symbol, those who are in the group are our VIPs and can enjoy VIP exclusive discounts and benefits. It’s to thank you all for supporting us!

You can get to know us through our official website by clicking this link to jump:
We are Rheedal! Wheel Decoration Master! Welcome to join us!
Let’s discover more wheel center caps secrets and be a great tuner driver or a perfect car owner!
In the wind and in the rain, I’ll be waiting for you in the group!

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