About Rheedal’s Customized services

About Rheedal’s Customized Service

Well-established supply chain, stable materials suppliers, and a modernized factory are what make Rheedal unique. We can produce OEM center caps, aftermarket center caps, and any center caps based on your sample or design.


Rheedal Reliable and Powerful Factory:

10+ production lines.
Mature supply chain & and stable material suppliers.
100 + Employees on the professional design team.
1000+ Moulds (Only support B2B customized service)
600+ OEM Center Caps/ Aftermarket Center Caps
Proficient in 50+ processes
Center Caps capable of 50+ materials


Advantages of Rheedal’s Customized Service

1. Customize OEM Center Caps/ Aftermarket Center Caps
Rheedal is specialized and able to make any OEM Center Caps/aftermarket Center Caps. Our integration on center caps is a huge success!

2. One-Stop Service
Our one-stop service integrates product replication, mold development, mould trial, products production , products processing, quality inspection, packing, delivery and after-sales service.

3. Professional Team
We are a team of valuable people who have a reliable attitude towards work and interesting passion and goals in life.

4. Supply Chain
With a complete production line and supply chain to minimize cost, waste and time.

Trustworthy Partners

Rheedal's Advantage

Rheedal's Advantage

Rheedal has a professional design and production team of 100+ employees. We have our own factory with 2 warehouses covering 1000+ square meters. These 2 warehouses are for push-through center caps and molds for local customers in the USA (we need to keep this part confidential, we don’t sell it to the public). The other push-through center caps are made by our own mold, it belongs to our products, welcome to order.