Do You Want To Have a Summer Sash with Rheedal?

Summer is coming!
The beach! The seaside! Cozy sea breeze! Let’s take a road trip!

However, when you use your car frequently, it is inevitable that there will be issues that require wheel center cap replacement.
There are several possibilities:

  1. Natural loosening off
  2. Wear and tear on the road
  3. Heavy foot traffic and possible theft

To make this summer even more enjoyable, Rheedal is offering 12% off sitewide for wheel center caps! Enjoy this summer together!
Activity Period: July 7th – July 20th

Also, joining our group and inviting friends will allow you to participate in another event! If you’re interested in another event:

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Come join our group to discuss wheel center caps together! By the way, let’s see where you’ve been traveling with your car this summer!

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We are Rheedal!

Wheel Decoration Master!

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