Good News for Merchants! Bullet Push Through Center Caps In Vogue

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One of the hottest push through center caps currently on the market is 4.25 push through center caps. In the previous blog, we talked about 7 different shapes of hot sale push through center caps. Today, I want to introduce an alternative shape of push through center caps, that is, bullet push through center caps.

  1. Appearance characteristics of push through center cap

Bullet push through center caps, as the name suggests, are shaped like bullets. But there are two different traits on top of it, the first is the cuspidal head, and the second is the flat head. There are types of clips on the bottom and common push through center caps. Let’s take a look at two different bullet trailer center caps.

Push Through Center Caps Bullet Type for Truck Trailer SUV RV
3.15″ Bullet Push Through Center Caps Matte Black ABS Plastic
  1. Two different types of bullet push through center caps:

(1) Flat head with clips type trailer center cap:

This is a bullet center cap for 3.15-inch a trailer, SUV, RV, and truck hub rim. It can be seen that the two points that are different from the ordinary push through center cap, which are the flat top and the clips on the bottom. But the compatibility is the same as normal trailer center caps.

Bullet Push Through Center Caps Fit Trailer SUV TV Truck Rims
Bullet Push Through Center Caps Chrome

(2) Cuspidal head bullet push through center caps:

This style is characterized by its cuspidal head, just like a bullet head. The one described above is more like a shell case (no bullet head) shape. This compatibility is also the same as the normal trailer wheel center caps.

  1. What are their characteristics or advantages?

(1) Emphasize the sense of movement: the bullet-shaped center cap usually has a streamlined and dynamic appearance, which can enhance the sense of movement and speed of the trailer. This design can add a sporty style to the trailer, making it more attractive.

(2) Uniqueness and personalization: the bullet-shaped wheel center cap is relatively unique, which is different from the traditional round or square center caps and highlights the owner’s style and preferences.

(3) Good aerodynamic characteristics: The bullet push through center cap usually has a streamlined design, which can improve the aerodynamic characteristics of the trailer. By reducing air resistance, this design improves the stability and fuel efficiency of the trailer.

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