What is BBS Center Caps Hex Nut?

The Hex Nuts I’m talking about are not the small Hex Nuts, which are used with screws, bolts, and screws. Although these BBS Center Caps Hex Nuts are very similar to the small Hex Nuts in appearance, the function is not the same.

These BBS Center Caps Hex Nuts are just one part of the Center caps, without which the whole BBS wheel center cap is incomplete. It is often installed on the surface of the center cap, as shown in the picture.

This BBS Center Caps Hex Nuts, with a small clip-typed BBS Center Caps, can be described as exquisite.

It has a flower-like bloom on its surface that accentuates the feature of this rim center cap. The center surrounds three long holes, and the innermost circle is hollow, all of which have been carefully considered in their design. These three long, curved holes are designed to better accommodate the BBS Center Caps.

The center inside is for the installation of the small part of the center cap.

These are some BBS Center Cap Hex Nut models.

If the product above does not apply to your model, please let us know, we support custom wheel center caps and their accessories.

Even though BBS Center Caps Hex Nuts is just a small part of the grand scheme of your car’s operation, it plays a vital role in both enhancing the aesthetics of your car’s rims and protecting the inner parts of the wheel. These BBS Center Caps Hex Nuts will always help keep your wheel rim safe on the road.

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