What Is a Push Through Center Cap

There are various types of wheel center hub caps on the market. Whether they are OEM or Aftermarket center caps, there are generally three types of center caps that are very easy to install. They are clip-in center hub caps, screw-in center hub caps, and push through center hub caps. This blog will introduce Rheedal’s push-thru center caps to you and the relevant details are as follows!!

  1. What is a push through center cap?

Push through center hub caps, also known as universal hubcaps (as long as the size of the center of the vehicle hub is right, it can be installed), means that at the time of installation, you only need to push the center caps into the center of the hub and tighten the screws. push through center cap is specifically designed for SUV, trucks, RV, and trailers. This center hubcap is not only simple to install, but also plain in appearance, which will not make your vehicle outstanding. It is wonderful news for minimalists.

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  1. Why choose Rheedal’s push through center caps?

(1) Easy installation: No need for professional knowledge or help from others, you can finish it by yourself. RH push through center cap is easy to install. You just need to remove your wheel hub and then push the lid from the center of the hub and screw it tight.

(2) Material selection: At present, we have four different materials of push through center caps, which are ABS Plastic, 304 stainless steel, carbon steel, and aluminum. These materials are selected in line with the daily driving environment of the wheel’s high-quality materials. And since some materials have defects in anti-corrosion, therefore we have special treatment for these products, so that they have a stronger anti-oxidation ability.

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(3) Colors: Rheedal’s push through center caps come in white, chrome, high gloss black, matte black, and silver. The high gloss black one is quite recommended, because it is polished, which can make your wheel sparkling and charming. Of course, you need to choose the color according to your vehicle’s color.

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(4) Size: Except RH’s popular 3.19in and 4.25in push through center caps, we have different sizes of push through center caps with different heights. One size with different heights, providing you with a better choice of your car decoration.

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(5) Safe: Once push through center caps are installed in wheel hub rims, they are not easy to loosen or fall off, which ensures the stability and safety of the center cap during driving.

  1. How to choose a push through center cap you want?

When we choose a push through hub cap, we only need to look at its size, material, price, and corrosion resistance ability.

(1) 304 stainless steel push through center cap

This material push through center hubcap has the highest hardness among our hubcaps, which can play a very good protective effect. At the same time, it can also play a very good anti-rust and anti-corrosion function, and the price is relatively high. If your vehicle is often exposed to the sun, rain, and snow, this 304 stainless steel material is the best choice for you.

(2) Carbon steel push through center caps

The push through center caps of carbon steel is lower than the hardness of 304 stainless steel, and the price is lower than 304 stainless steel and aluminum hubcaps. Ordinary carbon steel products do not have a good anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion function, but our products based on the original electroplating or spray polishing treatment, increase their anti-oxidation, and anti-corrosion properties. If you consider a reasonable price good hardness push through center cap, a carbon steel center cap is the most comprehensive and ideal cap.

(3) Aluminum push through center cap

The center cap of this material has particularly good anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation performance, however, the hardness is very low. And the price is lower than the 304 stainless steel center cap.

(4) ABS plastics push through center caps

ABS Plastic is highly resistant to corrosive chemicals and physical impact. However, since the hardness is not as good as metal center caps, the price is also the cheapest among these materials.

A summary ranking of the characteristics and prices of the above items👇👇👇

① Anti-oxidation corrosion: ABS Plastic > Aluminum > Stainless steel > Carbon steel

② Hardness: Stainless steel > Carbon steel > Aluminum > ABS Plastic

③ Price: Stainless Steel > Aluminum > Carbon Steel > ABS Plastic

When choosing a wheel center cap, you need to combine it with the wheel and your needs. I believe that the above summary will let you have the judgment of the rim cap

  1. How to buy the correct size and install push through hubcaps by yourself. Just a two-step tutorial.

Step 1—measure your hub:

Here’s how to test the size of a wheel hub rims so you can better choose the right push through center caps.

First, measure the diameter of your hub rims at the center hole.

Next, measure the diameter of the hub’s camshaft.

Finally, measure the exposed height of the camshaft of the hub.

When you confirm it, you can go online to search for the center cap you want.

Step 2—Installation process: We only need to push the center cap directly into the wheel center hub from the backside, and then rotate the hub. and Finally, you just screw it tight.

We introduce RH push through center caps from their all related knowledge. If you want to know more about various hub caps or other information, follow us or you can go to Rheedal’s official website. We will also regularly issue coupons and other benefits.
We’ll see you next time!!

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