Volkswagen and Xiaopeng Motors Collaborate on CEA Development

Volkswagen Group announced that it will work with its partner Xiaopeng to develop CEA, an electrical and electronic architecture based on zone control and quasi-centralized computing, which is being developed jointly by Xiaopeng, Volkswagen Technology China (VCTC), and technologists from Volkswagen Group’s software company CARIAD China. The architecture was jointly developed by Xiaopeng, Volkswagen (China) Technology Co.

Volkswagen and Xiaopeng develop CEA electrical and electronic architecture for Volkswagen electric models in 2026

  The new CEA architecture will enable a higher degree of standardization of the digital and intellectual architecture of the Volkswagen brand’s locally produced models. The CEA will first be applied to platforms developed specifically for the local market, covering the four Volkswagen-branded all-electric models for the compact entry market based on the CMP platform, which is being developed by the VCTC together with the joint ventures SAIC-Volkswagen and FAW-Volkswagen. Compared to the MEB platform, the CMP aims to bring costs down by 40 percent. The CEA architecture will make a significant contribution to this goal by reducing system complexity and the number of controllers in the vehicle. Models based on the CMP platform will enter the market in 2026, enriching the product matrix of the Group’s joint ventures in every way.

  At the same time, CEA will also strengthen the competitiveness of the two Volkswagen-branded mid-range models jointly developed by Volkswagen and Xiaopeng Motors in the field of intelligentization. These two models will enter the market in 2026, with the first product being an SUV.

  Volkswagen Group Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Volkswagen Group (China), Mr. Baird, Managing Director of Volkswagen Group responsible for business in China, said, “In line with our strategy of ‘In China, For China’, we are continuously enhancing the Volkswagen Group’s innovative strength in China. By expanding our cooperation with Xiaopeng Motors and deeply integrating into the Chinese industrial ecosystem, we will be able to meet the needs of our Chinese customers even faster. Both of us will fully utilize our respective strengths to jointly achieve higher efficiency, better cost structure, and faster development. In the fast-growing Chinese automotive market, significant cost efficiencies and a fast pace of development are essential to remain competitive. Through this series of initiatives, we hope to continue to lead the change in the era of smart connected cars.”

  ”The common pursuit of technological innovation has brought Xiaopeng and Volkswagen together. Both parties will continue to contribute their respective strengths to our strategic partnership. This strategic cooperation based on our industry-leading electrical and electronic architecture technologies takes our strategic partnership to a new level and is based on a larger-scale strategic cooperation. The collaboration will enable both of our smart electric vehicle products to be highly competitive in terms of technology and cost.” He Xiaopeng, Chairman and CEO of Xiaopeng Auto, said.

  CEA’s R&D team consists of technical experts from Xiaopeng Motors, Volkswagen (China) Technology Co., and CARIAD China. The joint team will strengthen the software-oriented development approach, drive the development of advanced technologies including autonomous driving and next-generation smart grid functions, build an electrical and electronic architecture based on zone control and quasi-centralized computing – including functions such as zone controllers, centralized computing platforms, cloud platforms and back-end interconnections – and quickly and cost-effectively integrated into Volkswagen-branded vehicles.

  As the core of Volkswagen Group’s Hefei Innovation Center, the VCTC combines R&D, innovation, and purchasing functions, integrates all relevant R&D departments for local model development, and enables localized decision-making. By the end of this year, the VCTC will have more than 3,000 R&D and purchasing specialists involved in the development of the new smart, internet-connected electric models. CARIAD China, the software company of the Volkswagen Group, currently employs more than 1,000 specialists, and VCTC and CARIAD China will work closely together to shorten the development cycle by 30% and bring innovative products to customers faster.

  The expansion of cooperation with smart car maker Xiaopeng is a further realization of Volkswagen Group’s “In China, For China” strategy. Volkswagen Group will grasp the trends of the Chinese market more keenly, fully utilize the growth momentum and innovation advantages of the Chinese market, and actively promote the transformation of the Group in China. In China, the Group will continue to expand its local R&D capabilities in the areas of electric mobility, digitalization, and autonomous driving, and further accelerate the local decision-making and development process. The Group has established a state-of-the-art production, development, and innovation center in Hefei, Anhui Province, while joining hands with local high-tech companies and establishing partnerships.

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