Tesla Model 3 Custom Wheel Center Caps for Hottest Sale

Hello! I’m Rheedal, who provides merchants with wholesale and center caps industry information. Custom wheel center caps are becoming more popular among customers. But what is a custom wheel center cap and what it differs from original center caps? I will tell you the answer with our examples.

  1. What are custom wheel center caps?

Custom wheel center caps are hub center caps that are customized according to individual needs and preferences.

Typically, the hub center cap design is produced according to the vehicle manufacturer’s standard specifications to match the look of a particular car model. However, some owners may want to add a unique touch of style and personalization to their vehicles. And at this point, they can opt for custom wheel center caps.

For merchants, to satisfy customers’ needs. It is important to provide customers with center caps in different shapes, colors, materials, and patterns. For example, car owners may choose to print their name, logo, or other personalized designs on the wheel center cover. Some may also choose special materials, such as aluminum, carbon fiber, or chrome, to enhance the look.

A custom wheel center cover can add uniqueness to a vehicle and make it beautiful. This is a popular option for car owners who pursue personal style. Below we compare the original design and the custom wheel center cap of Tesla Model 3.

  1. Tesla Model 3 manufacturers originally designed center caps

From the picture, we can see that the original design of the Tesla hub center cover is a very common round center cap with the Tesla LOGO.

  1. Custom wheel center caps Tesla Model 3

These custom wheel center caps have an outer diameter of 176mm (6.93in), a clip diameter of 51mm (2.01in), and a labeled diameter of 52mm (2.05in), with a total of five clips. The front looks like a five-pointed star, while the back looks like a five-fingered downward grip.

Here are a few hot sale custom wheel center caps for Tesla Model 3 on the market

(1) Striped shape, whose main feature is that the front is a striped shape, and the label can be posted on it by your require.

Custom Wheel Center Caps for Tesla Model 3

(2) Pure color shape, the main feature is the front without any other color, solid color.

Custom Wheel Center Caps Tesla Model 3 Pure Color

(3) Pure color appearance with widened sides. As you can see, the side of the clip on this model is wider than the common shape.

Custom Wheel Center Caps Tesla Model 3 Pure Color Wider Sildes

These are a few hot sale Tesla Model 3 custom wheel center caps on the market.

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