Some Tech Issues with the Xiaomi Su7

Xiaomi Auto: Type-C port below SU7 center control screen will provide DP expansion, can connect to Switch, etc.

Xiaomi Automobile official today released the Xiaomi SU7 answer netizen questions (sixteenth episode), for the user’s attention to a relatively high degree of 9 questions were answered.

Some users asked whether the Type-C interface on the left side below the Xiaomi SU7 center control screen can connect to Switch via DP.
In this regard, Xiaomi officially said that this Type-C interface currently supports 67W wired fast charging, and will be OTA upgraded to support DP expansion, allowing users to connect Switch and other gaming devices in the car, to enjoy the fun of the game while resting in the parking lot.
Other hot issues are listed below:

The deadline for the first batch of benefits is April 30th, if the deposit is paid before this time and the final payment is made later, can I still enjoy the first batch of benefits?

Customers who pay a deposit of 5,000 yuan to buy Xiaomi SU7 before 24:00 on April 30th can enjoy the limited-time purchase rights and benefits of up to 22,000 yuan, and the time of the final payment will not affect the above limited-time rights and benefits, and the specific information can be viewed in the rights and benefits of the Xiaomi Automobile App

1. Can I unlock the car using Bluetooth on my cell phone and still start it normally if I turn off the Bluetooth?

No, it can’t. Using cell phone Bluetooth to unlock the door, including unlocking the door, unlocking the door automatically when close to the car, and locking the door automatically when away from the car, all of which require the cell phone to establish communication with the vehicle via Bluetooth. If you turn off the Bluetooth on your cell phone, you will not be able to use the cell phone Bluetooth key normally.
Therefore, you need to turn on your cell phone’s Bluetooth when using the cell phone’s Bluetooth key. At the same time, subject to the memory limitations and performance strategies of each cell phone brand, the Xiaomi Auto App process may be ended by the system to run, failing to unlock. If the phone’s Bluetooth key unlocking fails, please make sure that Xiaomi Auto App is running in the foreground or background.

2. Can I replace the SIM card in my car with my own?

The SIM card used in Xiaomi SU7 is built from the factory and cannot be replaced by the user.
Users can use the “In-vehicle Network Service Pack” for one year free of charge from the date of delivery, and this benefit is bound to the vehicle. At the end of the entitlement period, owners can pay for the In-vehicle Network Service Pack through the Xiaomi Auto App, which is priced at RMB 19.9/month and RMB 199/year.

2. DP connector below the center screen, can it connect to devices like Switch?

The Type-C port on the left side below the center control screen not only supports 67W wired fast charging but will also support DP expansion for gaming devices such as Switch in subsequent OTA upgrades, so you can enjoy gaming while taking a break from parking.

3. Does the sports sound simulation have anything to do with the version and wheels of the vehicle?

Xiaomi SU7 sports sound simulation needs to be matched with 25 speakers, but it has nothing to do with the configuration and wheel version. Standard and Pro versions, with the optional 25 speakers, can experience the ultimate sports sound simulation.

Xiaomi SU7 sports sound simulation, after the user experience has received unanimous praise. At the beginning of the development, we measured from the three dimensions of engineering, acoustics, and design, hoping to make passengers have a pleasant experience in the three basic experience dimensions of real feedback, sound quality, and subjective hearing.

The motion sound simulation of Xiaomi SU7 is synthesized from 110 tracks, precisely matching the sound source to the accelerator pedal opening and torque level, covering a total of 81 different working conditions. Therefore, the Xiaomi SU7 MAX version with stronger performance will be more shocking than the standard and Pro versions in terms of sound wave intensity, and with the independent sound wave arithmetic chip, it has ultra-low latency, providing a smooth sound experience.

4. Will the windows open automatically after a vehicle collision?

After a high-speed collision, the windows will be automatically lowered, and the airbags corresponding to the direction of the collision will explode, at the same time, the dual flashing lights will be automatically activated, the high-voltage system will be automatically cut off, the vehicle will be automatically braked and parked, and at the same time, it will automatically call for rescue, to protect the safety of the occupants in all dimensions.
If only low-speed cuts and scrapes do not involve occupant safety, the airbags and the above protective mechanisms will not be activated to avoid unnecessary property damage.

5. Can the rear seat belt alarm be permanently deactivated?

No. According to the relevant domestic regulations, the vehicle manufacturer cannot permanently turn off the rear seatbelt unbuckled alarm. For safety reasons, it is also recommended that all vehicle occupants keep their seat belts properly fastened at all times throughout the journey.

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