Secrets of Hot Sale on Tesla Model Y and Its Maintenance

In December 2023, the monthly sale of Tesla Model Y is 49,877. By 2024, the cumulative sale of Tesla Model Y is 396,339, which ranks the first in monthly and annual sales in SUV. From 2019 to 2023, the sale of this car is far more than other vehicles.

Why this car to have such a large sales now? There are some reasons:

1.Tesla Model Y is designed with modern and simple style. Its body has a smooth and simple line, and a very scientific appearance. What’s more, this style accords with the aesthetics of modern vehicles.

2. Tesla adopted its latest technology, including battery pack, driving system on Model Y. It means that it is specially designed and optimized by Tesla, which strengthens its performance and endurance. In addition, Tesla Model Y is equipped with auto-pilot system and intelligent voice assistant, which brings great convenience and better driving experience to the customers.

3. Tesla not only is a company which focuses on the research and development of electric cars, but also an environmental protector. It has add lots of environmental concepts to its products and Tesla Model Y is one on it. And because of its contributions to the environmental protection, lots of environmentalists and consumers like this car very much.

4. Comparing to other luxury SUV, Tesla Model Y is relatively cheaper. And with the expansion of Tesla’s products. The price of Model Y will gradually decrease, which provides customers with more choices.

How do we protect our Tesla Model Y?

1. Brake fluid detection
It is recommended that we check out the brake fluid detection for every 2 years and find out whether it is contaminated. If it is contaminated, we need to replace it .

Note: Towing, downhill or high performance driving can result in frequent brake use, and the corresponding vehicle (especially in hot and humid environments) requires brake fluid checks and changes more often.

2. Air conditioning
It is necessary for us to change the air conditioning desiccant

3. Winter
In cold areas, we need to clean and lubricate all brake calipers every 12 months or every 20,000 km driven.

4. Wheel tire
Every 10,000 km, or when the difference in tread depth reaches or exceeds 1.5 mm, we need to change tire’s position.

5. Wheel hub
For the protection of the wheel hub, the effective way is to prevent dust or some small garbage from entering the center of the wheel hub. At this time, we need to install a wheel center hub cap. Wheel center hubcap can reduce the accumulation of dust, dirt and other debris from entering the wheel hubs, thereby reducing the damage and corrosion of the wheel hubs. And it has the function of beautifying the vehicle. For example:

This is an Model Y wheel center cap whose outer and inner diameters are 156mm and 50.5mm. It looks like a satellite that can make your car quite personalized.

Also, We will provide more information about the vehicle in the future. We hope that you can follow us to get more info about center hub caps.


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