Rheedal’s Wheel Center Caps In Different Shapes

Hello, guys, welcome to the Rheedal Office! Rheelal is a B2B enterprise and we specialize in the wholesale of wheel center hubcaps and customization on hubcaps according to customer’s sample.

As we all know, the role of the hubcap is to protect the hub from the accumulation of dust, dirt, and small debris. They can play a certain degree of protection and reduce the abrasions and scratches on the surface of the wheel hub. They can extend the life of the wheel hub. What’s more, center hubcaps can not only provide an additional aesthetic finish to vehicle wheels but also can hide bolts and center holes, increasing the overall appearance of neatness, which makes the wheel hub look more concise and smooth.

Consumers often like to modify their cars. Sometimes, a small part like the wheel center cap can make a car quite distinctive. Center caps have different designs, patterns, and materials to meet various cars’ preferences and styles. And compared with other parts, the price of a center cap is also affordable. What you probably see most often is a kind of round center cap. Today, this blog will show you several different shapes of hubcaps, which can give you insight into the modification of a vehicle.

1. Hat shape center hubcap

This wheel center cap fits 10 Hole, 22.5″, and 24.5″ Hub & Stud Piloted Wheels. Its dimensions are long: 350mm/13.77in, wide: 350mm/13.77 inches, and high: 223mm/8.8 inches, 1.37 pounds, which is a very large center cap. The shape of this hubcap is like a magician’s hat and it is thought that someone else is holding his hat. The holes around are the hole of the screws, making a sense of luxury.

2. Barrel shape center hubcap

This is a chrome silver barrel hubcap named push-through center cap. This one hubcap’s diameter is 108mm/ 4.25in, and high is 93mm/ 3.66in hubcap. It is a universal wheel center cap for trucks, trailers, SUVs, and RVs. Its biggest feature is that it looks like a barrel, having a cute appearance. Of course, this design’s advantages are that it is very easy to install and carbon steel material also makes it anti-corrosion and wear-resistant.

3. Flower-shaped center hub cap

This is a center cap for the following models: BMW 6 Series G32 GT (Gran Turismo) (2017 -…), 7 Series G11 (2015 – 2019), 7 Series G11 LCI (2019 – 2022), 7 Series G12 LONG (2015 – 2019), 7 Series G12 LONG LCI (2019 – 2022)

The outer diameter is 175.5mm/ 6.91in and the inner diameter is 55mm/ 2.05in. The shape of this one is like a flower, but it’s concave and convex giving people a strong visual impact.

4. Round-shaped center hubcap

This is a universal wheel center cap for wheel rims with an outer diameter of 65mm/ 2.56in and an inner diameter of 61mm/ 2.4in. You can see its shape is the most common shape of the center cap. Simple design, easy to install, clip-type hubcap. You can paste your favorite car logo or pattern in the middle.

5. Star-shaped wheel center cap

This is a wheel center cap suitable for Audi with an outer diameter of 134mm and an inner diameter of 55.8mm. The biggest feature of this center cap is that it looks like a starfish, which reminds people of the appearance of Patrick. It is very characteristic and personalized.

In addition to these shapes of wheel center caps, there are many shapes, and labeled patterns of hubcaps. To meet the needs of customers, Rheedal supports customized center caps through the customer’s hubcap sample. If you want your characteristics and good-quality center caps, please contact us. We will support every customer cost-effective price and the best after-retail service we can. What are you waiting for?

Finally, I hope you can follow our official website, we will continue to provide more messages about the car and wheel center cap content for you. Thank you and see you next time!!

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