Rheedal’s Hot Sale Custom Wheel Center Caps for Different Cars

Hello everyone, I’m your friend Rheedal, a company specializing in providing wholesale and custom wheel center center services for merchants.

When many customers come to our company for wholesale center caps, to make the product more prominent or different, they will require the wholesale center caps to be different from the original center caps in appearance or labels which we call custom wheel center caps. There are a variety of center caps on the market, and if you are not a professional investigator in this area, you may not know some of the differences between the original and custom wheel center caps. Here I’ll take you to see four custom wheel center caps and tell you what changes we have made on them.

  1. Rays custom wheel center caps

This is a model based on the original Rays center cap to help customers install it more easily. It is mainly applicable to the following models, Rays CE28n Time Attack 16 17 18-inch wheel, Rays ZE40, Rays TE37 Tokyo Time Attack, Rota G-force 17″ wheel rim, F150 18″ rim, Enkei RPF1, and XXR 530/557. The original center cap was a clip-in type, but this one has a rubber rim to make it more secure.

Custom Wheel Center Caps for Rays
Custom Wheel Center Caps for Rays F150 Enkei Black Plastic

  1. Chevy custom wheel center caps

This is for Cadillac, GMC, and Chevy. Based on the original, we have improved the material and process, to make it tougher and brighter. The label surface has also been deepened to allow customers to make more choices on it.

For Chevy Custom Wheel Center Caps
Chevy Custom Wheel Center Caps for GMC Cadillac Chrome

  1. Benz Honda custom wheel center caps

Applicable to the hub rims of Benz, OZ, and Honda, we remove the iron ring of the center cap and change it into a card category for easy installation. The appearance is mainly to change the flat surface into a side slope type of center cap, which will make it more sense of depth.

Wheel Custom Center Caps
Custom Wheel Center Caps for Benz OZ Honda

  1. Mass custom wheel center caps

This custom wheel center cap is suitable for various Volkswagen models such as Beetle CC GTI Eos Passat Tiguan, etc. To highlight the layer, we have added a circle of lines on the side bumps.

Custom Wheel Center Caps for Volkswagen Beetle CC GTI Jetta Tiguan

The above several custom wheel center caps are designed for our customers, of course, this is only the tip of the iceberg in our products.

If you want to know more about our center caps, you can go to our website— https://rheedal.com/.

If you want to wholesale push through center caps and wholesale custom wheel center caps, you can contact us. Thank you and we’ll see you next time.— https://rheedal.com/contact/.

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