Maximum Range of Over 1,400km Yaoguang C-DM Will Open for Pre-Sale on February 26, China Time

Recently the official was informed that the Starway Yaoguang C-DM will open the pre-sale on the evening of February 26, and complete the listing in the first quarter. Xingtu Yaoguang C-DM is positioned as a medium-sized SUV with a wheelbase of 2,815mm. Yaoguang C-DM is equipped with a hybrid system consisting of a 1.5T engine and an electric motor, with a thermal efficiency of up to 44.5%, which ensures performance while also delivering higher fuel economy. Structurally, the new car adopts the design of a “two-wheel drive dual motor, four-wheel drive triple motor”, with a three-year DHT transmission, zero hundred acceleration into the 4-second level, the feed fuel consumption of 4.2L/100km, a maximum comprehensive range of more than 1,400km, the new car also supports DC fast charging function, charging 50% in 20 minutes, greatly reducing the cost of traveling. The cost of traveling is greatly reduced. In addition, the new car also has up to 6.6kW external discharge function, in the pre-sale of the new car, the official will also launch the industry’s first 6.6Kw limit external discharge challenge.

In terms of appearance, the Starway Yaoguang C-DM continues the overall design of the fuel version. The vehicle adopts a borderless grille design, which is different from the previous StarTour family grille, showing a new design style. The headlight design is softer and the use of lines is more gentle, compared to the previous concept car. The StarTour Yogurt C-DM adopts the popular slinky body design. The side of the car is simple and smooth, equipped with hidden door handles. The roofline starts to dip from the apex of the A-pillar, and coupled with the sharply sloping D-pillar design, the Yoguang displays a certain coupe SUV style. In terms of body dimensions, the Yoguang’s length, width, and height are 4781mm, 1920mm, and 1671mm respectively, with a wheelbase of 2815mm.

The rear design is equally striking, with a one-piece spoiler and high-mounted brake lights giving the vehicle an edgy feel. The penetrating LED taillights are a highlight, capable of moving to the rhythm of music in 3 light languages. The bilateral common quad exhaust layout looks cool but is just a decoration and the vehicle still features a hidden exhaust design.

The interior of the Starway Yaoguang C-DM continues the design style of the fuel model, with a simple and modern center console design, adopting the popular dual-link screen design, displaying clear information and convenient operation. The steering wheel is designed as a flat-bottomed shape, and integrated with touch buttons. The air vents are consistent with the line design of the entire interior, further enhancing the overall coordination of the car. The interior trim uses high-quality materials, as well as elaborate stitching and decorative strips, and the overall texture is more prominent.

Maximum range of over 1,400km Yaoguang C-DM will open pre-sale on February 26th
It is worth mentioning that the new car adopts the latest EEA4.0 electronic and electrical architecture with Gigabit Ethernet, soft and hard separation, and full OTA functions.

In terms of power, the Yaoguang C-DM is equipped with a hybrid system consisting of a 1.5T engine + electric motor, in which the fifth-generation ACTECO 1.5TGDI high-efficiency hybrid engine using the Miller cycle has a power of up to 115kW, a maximum torque of 215N-m, and a maximum combustion efficiency of 44.5%, and the dual motors of the two-wheel drive model have a maximum power of 75kW and 90kW, respectively, with a combined range of 1,302km and 1,400km. The two-motor version of the 2WD model has a maximum power of 75kW and 90kW respectively, with a combined range of 1,302km and 1,343km, while the 4WD model will have an additional motor with a maximum power of 175kW, with a maximum combined range of 1,400km.

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