How To Measure Wheel Center Hole And Wheel Center Cap

In automotive maintenance and tuning, correctly measuring wheel center hole and center cap dimensions is a critical step in ensuring that wheels are installed correctly and operate properly. This article will explain how to accurately measure wheel center holes and center caps.

I. Measuring the wheel center hole
Measurement tools required: Vernier calipers, for accurate diameter measurement. Straightedge, for larger diameter measurement. After preparing the tools needed to measure, we can come to measure the center hole data.

First, make sure the wheel is clean and free of debris that could affect measurement accuracy. Place the wheel hub on a stable surface to avoid sliding.
Measuring Procedure: Use a vernier caliper to measure the inner diameter of the center hole of the wheel hub. Insert the inner measuring jaw of the vernier caliper into the center hole, gently close it, and read the reading on the vernier caliper. Repeat the measurement several times and take an average to ensure accuracy. You can also measure directly with a straightedge as shown below.

After measuring, as shown in the picture, you will get 2 data. Outer diameter and inner diameter. With these two data, you can find the right hub center cap for you more easily where OD stands for the outer diameter of the center cap, which is the diameter of the whole cap.ID stands for the inner diameter, which is the distance between the two clips.

Note: If the center hole size is large, you can use a straightedge to measure it. If the wheel has a tapered design, make sure that the measurement is taken on the part of the wheel that is actually in contact with the axle.

2. Measure the center cap
If you have an old fitting wheel center cap, then you don’t have to measure the center hole data. You can just measure the data of the center cap and go to find the right one for you based on this data.
First of all, we still need to make sure that the center cap is clean and free of debris and dust. Place the center cap on a smooth surface for easy measurement.
Measure the OD: Place the outer measuring jaws of the vernier calipers on both sides of the center cap, gently close them together, and take a reading on the vernier calipers. If the outside diameter of the center cap is large, a straightedge can be used to ensure an accurate reading. Measuring the inner diameter is the same method, as shown in the following figure.

Also, regarding the push-in center caps can be measured in this way. Measure his barrel diameter, maximum face diameter, and height respectively. This is shown in the figure below.

Measuring the wheel’s center hole and center cap is an important step in ensuring that the wheel is installed correctly. Using the proper tools and following the correct method of measurement will ensure accurate results. If you don’t understand anything about measuring and purchasing, please feel free to contact us.

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