How to Measure and Install Push Through Center Caps?

Welcome to Rheedal center caps class. You must have encountered some difficult problems when modifying your vehicles. For example, when you want to purchase and install center caps, you don’t know how to do. Today I’m going to show you how to measure and install push through center caps.

1. How to measure push through center caps

(1) First, you need a tape measure or a ruler. If you have a better ruler at home, you can also prepare a more detailed measurement tool, such as a micrometer. Usually, when measuring push through center caps, we only need to measure its outer diameter, inner diameter and height.

(2)Outer diameter measurement: We need to measure it from one edge to the opposite side edge. Make sure the measurement is taken along the middle part of the center cap and record the result. As shown in the figure, we can see that the diameter of the hub center cap is 83.5mm (3.28in).

Note: Maybe you will measure the wrong diameter, that is its maximum diameter. This one is the maximum diameter of the hub center cap, not the diameter, we need to measure the diameter, so be sure to see clearly.

(3) Inner diameter measurement: You need to find the location of the hub center cap mouth and keep the horizontal measurement from side to side. Look at the picture we can see its inner diameter is 81.95mm.

(4) Outer height measurement: Measure vertically from the bottom edge of the hub cap to the top edge of the hub cap. Make sure the measurement is taken from the lowest point to the highest point of the center cap. As shown in the picture, we can see its height is 59.52 mm, which can be regarded as 59.5 mm(2.34 in).

(5) Inner height measurement: When measuring the inner height, we need tow rulers. As we can see in the picture, we need to measure vertically from the bottom to the top of the interior. We can its inner height is 114 mm(4.49 in).

2. How to measure the diameter of the hub center

Of course, we can also use another method, that is, to measure the diameter of the center of the hub of your vehicle. You need to measure out your hub’s outer diameter, inner diameter and height. Then you can directly buy the corresponding diameter of the hub center cap.

(1) Outer diameter: We only need to directly measure the diameter marked with the red number 1 on the picture.

(2) Inner diameter and height: The red numbers 2 and 3 represent the inner diameter and height, respectively. And after we measure these two positions. We need to select the push through center caps, whose inner diameter should be bigger than that of wheel hub and the inner height is smaller than that of wheel hub.

3. How to install push through center caps

After we have measured our hubcaps or hub diameters, we can buy new hub center caps and install them by ourselves.

(1) Step 1: We need to remove our hub and the old hub cap.

(2) Step 2: We need to pick up the hub cap, and use its back to face the center of your hub, and then rotate it while pushing it into the end.

Well, that’s all for today’s wheel center caps class, and I believe you will be able to do it by yourself after reading this blog. Finally, I hope you can subscribe us, and we will continue to release the latest information about the center caps and more knowledge about the hub caps. I am your friend who is specialized in wholesale of all kinds of push through center caps and customization of various types of center caps, Rheedal. I’ll see you next time!

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