How to Install Different Types of Wheel Center Caps?

Hi, guys, this is Rheedal. Today we will talk about how to install different types of wheel center caps. Center caps can be divided into three main types, which are push-through center caps, clip-type hub center caps, and screw-type hub center caps.

  1. Push through center caps installation method

The push through center cap is a kind of center cap that looks like a barrel (as shown in the picture).

It is easy to install, first remove the hub from your car, then find the concave side of the hub center and push the back of the push-through hub center cap into it. Below is an instructional video of the installation.

  1. Installation of Clip-in Center Caps

A clip-in center cap is a type of center cap that has individual clips on the bottom. There are two types of center caps, one is the one that does not need to have the number of tabs on the bottom aligned with the center of the hub (the first picture below). The second type is a hub center cap that must have the same number of clips as required by the hub center (second picture below).

The first type of card type center cap can be installed directly. Note that it should be installed with gentle force or the hub center cap will break easily. To install the second type of clip-type center cap, we need to find the corresponding place and press the clip into it. Below is the installation video of the second type of clip-type center cap.

  1. Screw type hubcap installation method

A screw-type hub center cap is a center cap that has one or more nuts (as shown in the picture).

It is installed by aligning the nuts and torquing them down, here is a video of how to install it.

That’s all for today’s blog. For custom or wholesale wheel center caps, you can find Rheedal. We will see you next time!

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