How To Install BBS Center Caps Correctly?

This article is about how to go about installing BBS Center Caps, so why install Center Caps? The purpose of Center Caps is to protect the tire screws, which prevents mud and water from coming in contact with it and prolongs its life.

So let me introduce you to how to go about installing BBS Center Caps next!

First of all, you need to prepare four BBS Center Caps, a rubber mallet, and a clean cloth. Find the right time and place to install them: enough space and good light so you can operate them better.

70mm BBS RS Center Caps

Next, start installing this set of BBS Center Caps.

Step 1: Place the BBS Center Cap in the center of the wheel and make sure that it fits the wheel perfectly with no wobbling or looseness.

Step 2: Gently tap the edge of the BBS Center Caps with a rubber mallet. By applying the proper amount of force, the center caps’s tabs will fit snugly against the outer edge of the hub.

Please be careful when tapping to avoid any damage to the vehicle.

After completing the above steps, you will notice that your BBS Center Caps are snugly attached to the hub and secured in place. You can gently twist the center caps by hand to make sure it doesn’t feel loose.

70mm BBS RS Center Caps

Finally, check the results of the installation. Make sure that these BBS Center Caps are securely installed and do not feel loose. If they feel loose, gently tap the edges again with a rubber mallet to make sure the caps fit snugly against the hub. After completing the installation, wipe the hubcap with a clean cloth to make sure there is no dust or dirt on its surface. This will keep these BBS Center Caps polished and enhance the overall appearance.

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