How to Find Center Caps for Aftermarket Wheels?

Welcome to today’s wheel center caps class. I’m your friend Rheedal. Usually, when we need to replace our car wheels, we will choose aftermarket wheels because they are cheaper. While we modify our wheels after replacing, we don’t know if the original wheel center caps fit our new aftermarket wheels and how to find the corresponding rim caps. Don’t worry, Rheedal is here to solve these problems.


Q1: Can a center cap from oringinal wheel be installed on an aftermarket wheel?
Q2: How to find center caps for aftermarket wheels?

1. Can a center cap from oringinal wheel be installed on an aftermarket wheel?

Typically, the same center cap can be installed on both aftermarket wheels and original wheels. Wheel center cap’s design is usually based on the size and shape of the wheel, but not the model of the particular vehicle. Therefore, the size of the wheel is a key factor. Center caps are usually offered in different size options to fit different sized wheels, such as 14-inch, 15-inch, etc. As long as you choose a center cap that matches the size of your wheels, it should fit both aftermarket wheels and original wheels.
In addition, the wheel’s shape and how it is mounted are also considered by manufacturers. Ensure that the chosen center cap matches the shape and mounting of your wheel.
When purchasing center caps, it is important to refer to the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications and recommendations, or consult a professional auto parts store or manufacturer to ensure that the chosen center cap is compatible with your wheel.

2. How to find center caps for aftermarket wheels?

(1) Size of wheel: you need to know the size of your aftermarket wheels. You can check your vehicle’s manual. Wheel sizes are usually measured in inches, such as 15 inches, 17 inches, etc.

(2) Wheel shape and style: Different wheels may have different wheel shapes and styles. Check out your wheels and note the information of the wheel, such as spokes, grooves and bumps.

(3) Research and refer to vehicle guidelines: Knowing reliable brands and manufacturers is key to finding center caps that fit aftermarket wheels. Do some research to find reputable center cap manufacturers. Refer to vehicle manufacturer’s guidelines: check your vehicle manufacturer’s guidelines or recommendations. Sometimes, vehicle manufacturers may offer advice or recommendations on suitable aftermarket center caps.

(4) Consult a professional seller: If you are still unsure about the right center cap for your aftermarket wheels, it is advisable to consult a professional auto parts store or manufacturer like Rheedal. They are usually the experienced people who can provide professional advice and help you choose the right center caps.

Of course, you can also choose your trusted friend Rheedal, a wholesaler specializing in wholesale push through center caps as well as customized OEM or aftermarket center caps. Here are a few of Rheedal OEM and aftermarket center caps.

① This is an aftermarket 4.25 inch push through center cap for truck, trailer, SUV and RVs 4.25″ center bore,3.7″ tall rims.

4.25 Inch Push Through Center Caps for Trailer Truck RV SUV
4.25 Inch Push Through Center Caps Chrome

② The following one is our customized OEM center cap for Tesla model 3 with number 3.

Wheel Center Caps Tesla Model 3
Wheel Center Caps for Tesla Model 3

③ This is a Chevrolet wheel center cap designed and manufactured by Rheedal; 82.5mm OD and 73.5mm ID.

These products are all designed by Rheedal experts and produced according to customers’ requirements. Of course, if you want to wholesale center caps, either cunstomized OEM or aftermarket center caps, contact us and we will provide this kind of service to you!

Well, that’s all for today’s class. Follow Rheedal blog program for more center caps information. We’ll see you next time!

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