How To Evaluate This Wheels Design

Hello everyone! This post is going to introduce you to a little egg about car design: the wheels.

Normally, when you see all kinds of cars traveling on the road, I don’t know if you will notice one detail: the direction of the car’s wheels. It has been observed that with a directional design wheel, all four wheels have the same directional style. Therefore, the direction of rotation of the separate left and right side mounted hubs will always be “non-uniform”.
That is, if the hubs of the front and rear wheels on the left side are turning in the forward direction of the windjammer, then the front and rear wheels on the other side must be turning in the reverse direction of the windjammer.

At first, I thought it was an individual car owner or a hobbyist garage trying to save money by installing it backward, but that wasn’t the case. After many days of observation, I realized that this was not an isolated case.
90% of all cars running in the country, regardless of country, model, or price point, that have a directional wheel design, have the same direction. This is not limited to the “fire engine wheels, tomahawk wheels, propeller wheels, electric fan wheels or blender wheels, or even the hubcap of iron wheels”.

Despite reviewing some information, I did not find the original intent of the automakers to design and adopt such same-direction wheels, nor could I find any such wheels with the same direction.
So, aside from being visually pleasing to the eye, does it have some impact on actual driving safety? In addition to gravity, wind resistance, and other factors, the hub on the “right” side of the wheel helps dissipate heat from the brake pads. The other way. Sorry, the wheel direction is reversed….

But! Not all of it is like that! This originally looked like something that should have a direction, he actually does! If you don’t believe me, look at the Ferrari SP2, it’s the other 10%. After all, what you can’t afford is the best.

That’s the end of this post! Thanks for reading!

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