Factory Direct Wholesale Center Caps, OEM Aftermarket, and Custom Wheel Center Caps

  1. Introduction of Rheedal Company

Founded in 2012, Rheedal is a Chinese auto parts company specializing in the development, production, and sales of wheel hub center covers. Our business mainly provides wholesale center caps for trailers and custom wheel center caps services to various merchants. We are a one-stop service company, that integrates mold development, manufacture, semi-finished product processing, surface processing, quality inspection, product testing, and delivery services. Quality assurance.

Our factory has more than 100 employees, 10+ production lines, more than 1000 center cap molds, and more than 600 OEM and aftermarket center caps. Wholesale center caps are cheap, high quality, and are spread the Europe, North America, and the Middle East. We will also continue to expand our production and creation capabilities to provide better quality hub center covers and after-sales service for merchants.

  1. Introduction of Rheedal’s two major wholesale center caps services

(1) Push through center cap

We currently have 100+ push-through (trailers) center caps in stock. They are our main independent research and development products, which include 304 stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, and ABS plastic material push-through center caps. The colors are mainly matte black, high gloss black, white, chrome silver, and silver. Diameters range from 2 inches to 5.15 inches, and each diameter has a different height to choose from.
Our Rheedal push through hub center caps is simple in design, comfortable in the hand, hard in material, and inexpensive. If you need a custom service, you can choose any other color or material. We can process more than 50 materials, and other shapes are also available.

(2) Wholesale center caps –OEM, aftermarket, and custom wheel center caps

Rheedal also offers wholesale services for a variety of OEM aftermarket and custom wheel center caps. We currently have more than 1000 hub center cap molds, and there are more than 600 kinds of hub cap samples in the sample warehouse.

Of course, we can also provide you with customized sample service. If you want to wholesale personalized center caps different from OEM or aftermarket center caps. You just need to contact us and send us a sample, we will provide you with relevant service information according to your sample.

  1. Contact ways

Wholesale center caps for trailers, OEM, aftermarket and custom wheel center caps for information, you can contact us at:

Our Website>> Rheedal.com

What’s APP: +86 137 1053 5214(the same to our phone number)

Social Media:

Facebook>> https://www.facebook.com/pages/?category=your_pages&ref=bookmarks

Twitter>> https://twitter.com/Rheedal126778

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Youtube>> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRFJLQ4hSp6aMgtWjrP4ykQ

Ins>> https://www.instagram.com/rheedal123/

VK>> https://vk.com/id838821293

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