Dose Your Trailer Fit 4.25 Push Through Center Caps?

Hello, guys. It’s me again, your friend, Rheedal, a B2B company specializing in providing wholesale and customized wheel center caps services.

Weel! Let’s get started on today’s topic, how do we know if 4.25 push through center caps fit your wheel hub? I’m going to show you how to take measurements.

  1. Find out whether the hub center hole or hub cap is a 4.25 diameter size, two methods for you

Many people probably don’t know the size of their wheels and hubcaps. At this point, we need to use a ruler to measure:

(1) First, you need to remove your wheel hub and separate the hub.

(2) At this point, you have two ways to know if your hub fits the 4.25 push through center cap

① Measure the center hole of the hub: If the diameter of the hole in its center (as shown in the picture) is 4.25 inches, then it is suitable.

② Measure the push through center cap: You can also remove the center cap and use a ruler to measure the place below. If its diameter size is 4.25, then it is also suitable.

Note: Measuring the fit of a 4.25 push through center cap is only the first step. The second step is to know what size of height your hub axle is.

  1. Measure the height of the wheel hub axle

First, when you are finished disassembling, you need to find the hub of this place, as shown in the picture.

Then, you need to measure the height of the axle(as shown in blue in the picture), because the screws in this part are wrapped by the center cap, so their height should not be tall than the height of the center cap, otherwise, it will not be able to install the center cap. For example, if your hub axle is 3 inches, you should choose a trailer center cap higher than 3 inches, like 3.15, 3.27, 3.66, 4.88, and 5.15 inches height.

With the above information, you may know whether your 4.25 push through center caps fit your wheel hubs.

That’s all for this blog. Remember, if you want to customize or wholesale all kinds of center caps, just contact Rheedal. Follow me and I will post more practical knowledge of center caps and industry information.

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