Amazing! 66.8mm(2.63in) Chevy Impala Center Caps Replace 50+ Cars

Here is the Rheedal wheel center cap wholesale center. Today’s blog is about Chevy Impala Center Caps series 2. This blog will introduce 66.8mm OEM Impala center caps. Again, we’ll start with the basic information and then move on to its other adaptations

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1. Information about these Chevy Impala center caps

ABS plastic with 20-clip wheel center caps and weighing 77 grams each cap. They are designed and look delicious. Easy to install. You can put it on any label you like. Carbon fiber is the most prominent color.

This wheel center cap has an outer diameter of 66.8mm(2.63in), an outer diameter of 55mm(2.17in), a clip length of 17.3mm(0.68in), and a labeled diameter of 66.8mm(2.63in).

2. Supplementary adaptations of these Chevrolet Impala center caps

In addition to the 2004-2005 Chevrolet Impala, these center caps also fit Cadillac, Buick, GMC, Pontiac and Saturn series wheels. Below the table are some models for which the hubcap is adapted

Cadillac  2005-2009 XLR
2005-2012 STS
2005-2016 SRX
2005-2017 CTS
2006-2011 DTS
Chevy2007-2017 Equinox
2009-2017 Traverse
2015-2017 Colorado
2007-2013 Corvette
Buick2007-2010 Allure
2008-2017 Enclave        
2013-2017 Encore       
2004-2007 Rainier        
2011-2017 Regal
2005-2007 Rendezvous 
GMC2010-2016 Acadia
2015-2017 Canyon

That’s the information for these Chevy Impala center caps. Of course, if you want to wholesale this hub center cap or understand all its adaptations, you can contact me, I will be patient with you to answer your questions.

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