Push Through Center Caps Manufacturing Technology Introduction

Hello, my dear friends. Welcome to today’s Rheedal blog. When it comes to the manufacture of wheel center caps, a large amount of people are curious about how they are made. Today, I would like to introduce to you what processes wheel center caps of different materials are. Before this, I would like make a brief introduction on surface treatment technology and manufacturing technology of wheel center caps.

1.Surface treatment technology:

(1) Spraying painting
Spray painting is a common surface painting technique that are used to add color, decoration, or a protective layer to an object’s surface. This process can increase the beauty and decorative effect of the product. Spraying painting like gives objects a strong guard that protects them from corrosion and damage caused by environmental factors. For example, spraying painting on car can protect the body from UV rays, acid rain, corrosion and scratches.

(2) Plating
Electroplating is a technique in which metals are deposited on the surface of an object through an electrochemical reaction to promote its appearance, increasing corrosion resistance ability. Electroplating can give an object a metallic appearance, such as chrome plating, nickel plating, gold plating, etc., thus providing a high gloss, oxidation resistant and wear resistant surface. Some metal plating can increase the hardness and wear resistance of the object. For example, chrome plating can create a hard surface layer on auto parts, providing additional protection against abrasion.

(3) Polished
Polishing is a surface treatment technique that uses friction and abrasives to make the surface of an object smooth and bright. Polishing removes subtle scratches, oxidation layers, stains and other blemishes from the surface of an object, returning it to a smooth, bright appearance. Polishing can remove the oxide layer and rust on the metal surface effectively , restoring its original brightness and protective layer. This helps to extend the service life of metal products and enhance their corrosion resistance ability.

2.Manufacturing process:

(1) Stamping
Stamping is a metal processing technology that we use the force of the stamping machine to plastic deform and cut metal by placing sheet metal in a stamping die to create parts and products that have the required shape and size.

(2) Plastic injection
Injection molding is a common plastic processing method by injecting melted plastic material into the mold, allowing it to cool and cure in the mold, and finally get the desired shape and size of the plastic product.

(3) Stretching
This technology is a metalworking method that changes the shape and size of a metal material by placing it in a device and applying tension to extend it along the axis.

3.Rheedal always make a consideration about the material and anti-corrosion ability on wheel center caps. Because what we need to do is to provide clients with high quality hardness and well anti-corrosion products. Let’s take a look at how some of our products are made.

(1) ABS plastic push through center caps chrome
This push through center caps is produced by injection molding manufacturing process and electroplating surface treatment. It is plated with chrome material on the basis of plastic, which makes it not only own a bright appearance, but also increase the ability to prevent rust. And chrome is also the color of choice for most users, which is quite consistent with the appearance of the vehicle.

(2) Chrome carbon steel push through center caps
Because the extensibility and hardness of carbon steel are better than ABS plastic, therefore, the stretching technology is used on it. At the same time, electroplating and polishing are also done on the surface which make the color of carbon steel or stainless steel is brighter than that of chrome plated ABS plastic.

(3) Matte black stainless steel center cap
Due to the malleability of the metal, this 304 stainless steel push through center caps is also with stretching technology , and the surface is painted with matte black. Unlike high gloss black center caps, matte black center caps do not require the use of polishing, and because of this, matte black center caps look more  low profile, while high gloss black is brighter and more elegant.

(4) Silver aluminum push through center caps
Aluminum is a very malleable metal and is also with stretching process. In the meanwhile, the surface is polished, brushed and spray painted, which is a transparent paint. Because aluminum itself is a silvery metal, and its can form a protective film when it touches air, so it does not need to be coated with chromium like other metals.

These products are mainly combined with different processes as above. Of course, we can also use other different materials with any color to make the center caps we want. Rheedal is a wholesaler on push through center caps and do customized center caps according to customers’ samples. If you want to learn about our business, please contact with us on WhatsApp or follow us, we will issue coupons and publish more information about the industry from time to time.

If you want to get the information you are looking for, please leave us a message. Thanks for watching this blog and we’ll see you next time!

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