How to Make Custom Wheel Center Caps?

Welcome to the Rheedal center cap series blog. We are a B2B wholesalers in the region of all kinds of center caps. It seems that many friends want to customize different kinds of wheel center caps, but they do not know how to do that as well as don’t know how to find a reliable supplier. Therefore let’s talk about these questions today.

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  1. How to make custom wheel center caps

(1) Design yourself or delivery sample: First, you need to design your wheel center cap. This can be a pattern, logo, text, or any other custom element of your personal preference. You can draw the pattern on paper, or use computer aided design (CAD) software. Of course, you can also directly send your original center cap sample and the modified argument on your original center cap to the a supplier. A powerful suppliers can provide you with customized services according to your sample with your requirements. Of course, for those who want to customize the center cap and its label, you can also send the labels pattern or sample.

(2) Dimensions and specifications: Measure the diameter, length and height of the wheel center cap. This will ensure that your design meets the size requirements of the wheel hub rim.

(3) Find professional manufacturers: You need to find professional manufactures who are capable of providing you with customized wheel center cap service. These companies usually have specialized equipment and processes your given center caps. You can do online search or consult a local car customization shop to find the right manufactures.

(4) Material selection: Select the material that suits your needs. Wheel center caps are usually made of plastic or metal. Plastic materials are usually cheaper and lighter, while metal materials are more durable and high-grade. Choose the right materials according to your budget.

(5) Production and Delivery: Provide your design and specifications to the manufacturer. They will use suitable manufacturing methods, such as injection molding, machining or 3D printing, to produce custom wheel center caps. Communicate clearly with the manufacturer that your design can be accurately implemented.

  1. Why choose Rheedal’s customized service?

(1) First of all, Rheedal is a company specializing in the development, design and sale of all kinds of wheel center caps.

Rheedal factory:
10+ production lines.
Mature supply chain & and stable material suppliers.
100 + Employees on professional design team.
1000+ Moulds (Only support B2B customized service)
600+ OEM Center Caps/ Aftermarket Center Caps
Proficient in 50+ processes
Center Caps capable for 50+ materials

Business covers north America, China, Europe and other regions.

(2) Rheedal high-quality one-stop service
Our one-stop service integrates product replication, mould development, mould trial, products production , products processing, quality inspection, packing, delivery and after-sales service.

  1. Customer’s customized center caps display

(1) This is a customized hubcap for Cadillac, Chevrolet, Buick and GMC. It has an outer diameter of 66.8mm(2.63in), an inner diameter of 55mm(2.17in) and a clip length of 17.3mm(0.68in).

(2) 20280024– This is our customized ABS Plastic OEM center cap of Can-Am Maverick . In the middle of the center cap, you can stick the lable you like.

(3) This is customized by our customers universally for trailer, SUV, truck and RV 5.15 “center bore, 4.95” tall wheel hubs rim, which are 304 stainless steel push through hub caps. This material has very strong rigidity and is wear-resistance.

(4) These are custom wheel center cap stickers required by our customers

Choose a powerful and trusted supplier can let you easily solve your problems and enjoy quality service. Rheedal is such a company. So, if you want to customized center caps, just contact Rheedal. What are you waiting for?

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